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Water Testing Results for the Hawthorne Public Schools

Initial District Lead Testing Results
Update on District Lead Testing - August 2017
We are happy to report that the district has made the necessary corrections at Jefferson and HHS and the water has been retested. As per the attachment below, all samples are now cleared for use and we do not have any water fountains or sinks in use that are above the acceptable limit. 
As per the initial report (attached above), we did have other areas at Roosevelt and Washington that exceeded the 15 ug/l limit. However, due to the fact that those outlets were no longer needed, we have been taken those water outlets out of service. The district only corrected and retested those areas that we felt were necessary for continued use. These include 2 areas at HHS (kitchen) and at Jefferson as listed in the report.
As always, feel free to contact Mr. Chamberlin, Supervisor of Buildings and Grounds or Mr. Spirito, Superintendent of Schools with any questions.