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Creating a new account is simple and offers several benefits for repeat customers.

When arriving at the site to place an order, the customer is offered to LoginRegister, or place a Guest Order. A customer needing to create an account for the first time may select Registration in the top menu or Register in the "Returning Customers" options.

If you have any questions, please contact Judy DeKnight at








Registration only requires a name, email address, and password. All other customer and student information is collected during the first order, and also may be entered from the account management area.




Returning Customer Login

Check the "Remember Me" box to stay logged in. Optionally follow the links to register or receive a password reset email.


Log in




With an account, the order form and checkout are simplified by automatically offering information stored on the account.
The billing address saved with the account is automatically suggested for later orders.
A customer with an account may also apply an account credit, if available, to pay for some or all of a new order.








Ordering 1




My Account

The customer may review past orders and make changes to their account from the account management area.


Past orders