Mrs. Irene Miroshnik



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Mrs. Irene Miroshnik

Hello! My name is Mrs. Irene Miroshnik and I am the occupational therapist at Roosevelt elementary school. My job is to improve and to optimize your child's overall function in the school environment. In our OT sessions we work on improving attending skills, as well as the ability to follow single-step and multi-step directions, sensory processing skills (the ability to properly take in and process various sensory information and stimuli from the environment), fine motor and bilateral coordination skills (the ability to utilize both hands and small finger muscles), visual motor skills (the ability of both eyes to work simultaneously with hands), and visual percpetual skills (the ability to recognize and discriminate information through the eyes). Through the use of fun games and purposeful activities we address such important classroom skills as coloring, tracing, cutting, writing, as well as self-help skills such as tying shoes, opening/closing fasteners, etc

About me: I graduated from Touro college in 2002 with B.S./M.S. degrees in occupational therapy. I have worked in a public school setting most of my professional career. I have worked in Hawthorne public schools from 2006 to 2014 as a contract-based OT and in 2018 I had returned to Hawthorne as a district-based OT! I love making a difference in children's lives and genuinely enjoy what I do. 

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