Mrs. Jessica Pignatello

Phone: 973-423-6469 x2504


Degrees and Certifications:

B.S. Psychology M.S. Special Education

Mrs. Jessica Pignatello

Hawthorne Public School

Director of Special Programs



  • Office of Special Programs

    The Child Study Team is a multi-disciplinary group of specialists employed the Board of Education. The team consists of school psychologists, social workers, and learning disabilities teacher/consultants. Additional members of our team consist of behaviorist, speech pathologists, occupational therapists, and phyiscal therapists. They work collaboratively to identify, evaluate, and prescribe services for students who are meeting with academic challenges. 

    Office Support Staff 
    Patti Stapleton,  Senior Administrative Assistant     x2404
    Kathleen Keyzer, Administrative Assistant               x2405
    Child Study Team Members
    High School Team
    Ms. Cristina Perla                           LDTC                                                 x2615
    Dr. Elaine Jorgensen                     School Psychologist                        x2611
    Mrs. Debbie KinneyChen              Social Worker                                  x2613

    Lincoln Middle School Team

    Mrs. Jennifer Stier                          LDTC                                                  x2627
    Mrs. Jennifer Arcuri                       School Psychologist                         x2617   
    Mrs. Debbie Kinny-Chen              School Social Worker                       x2613 

    Jefferson Elementary School Team

    Ms. Chase Wesley                            LDTC/Preschool                             x2620
    Ms. Sandra Newman                       LDTC                                               x2626
    Ms. Anna Zalokostas M.S. Ed.          School Psychologist                      x2610  
    Ms. Cathy Della Pesca                     Social Worker                                x 2623           

    Washington Elementary School Team

    Ms. Sandra Newman                     LDTC                                                  x2626  
    Mrs. Miriam Levin                           School Social Worker                       x2634 
    Ms Anna Zalokostas                      School Psychologist                         x2610

    Roosevelt Elementary School Team


    Ms. Chase Wesley                             LDTC                                              x2620
    Ms. Nicole Matano                           School Psychologist                     x2622
    Ms. Cathy Della Pesca                     Social Worker                               x 2623           

     Related Service Providers

    Ms. Carrie Parker                                                 x2619           
    Mrs. Megan Parks                                                x2601
    Jefferson/Lincoln/ Hawthorne High School 
    Mrs. Lisa Searls                                                        x2602  

    Speech Therapists

    Mrs. Caroline Ferraro                                          x2630      
    Jefferson School                                                     
    Mrs. Margaret Rainey                                         x2631
    Mrs. Shari Shepetofsky                                        x2632           
    Ms. Kimro HIntz (September - December)       x2624 
    Mrs. Sarah Tode                              
    Roosevelt School                                               
    Mrs. Lisa Viggiano                                               x2618         
    LMS/HHS/Bear Cave
    Mrs. Barbara von dem Hagen                          x2625
    Ms. Kristen Winfield                                             x2635 
    Washington School                                       

    Physical Therapist 

    Mr James Harvey

    Occupational Therapists

    Stella Dimatos

    (Provided by Bergen County Special Services)

    Jillian Belinski                    
    Washington/Lincoln Middle/Hawthorne High Schools
    Jacqueline Dejean                
    Washington/Jefferson Schools 
    Daniella Moses                      
    Roosevelt School
    Olivea Potenzone                  
    Jefferson School
    Jenny S. Shatzel                    
Office Support Staff
Name email Position Extension Location
Jessica Pignatello Director of Special Programs 2504 District
Patricia Stapleton Administrative Assistant 2404 Hawthorne High School
Kathleen Keyzer Administrative Assistant 2405 Hawthorne High School