Mrs. Eileen Rodda

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Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor of Science Master of Arts

Mrs. Eileen Rodda


  The goal of Basic Skills Language Arts (Reading and Writing) Program is to achieve understanding, fluency, and enjoyment and/or new knowledge through Reading comprehension.  The students in the Basic Skills Program wil be individually using Chromebooks in the classroom.   Websites will be used to reinforce reading skills.

The classes are designed to meet individual student needs based on classroom performance, testing and teacher recommendations.   

  In the 2018 - 2019 school year, the teachers in Hawthorne will be using the Phonics First program in Reading classes.  In the Basic Skills classes there will be an extension of these phoneic components.  The five key components of reading are:

         Phonemic awareness





  In Basic Skills Grades One through Three, the above areas are studied.  As these areas are mastered, students receive instruction in writing, vocabulary, and comprehension.  All skills are reinforced and the goal is mastery of Reading skills.  Using the chromebooks, students will use Smarty Ants and other web based reading programs.

  In Basic Skills Grades Four and Five, emphasis is placed on vocabulary, fluency, and comprehension. The goals are to achieve higher order skills in comprehension and ability to write and convey ideas. Students will be using the Achieve Reading Program on the Chromebooks for Reading comprehension and reinforcement.   A Love of Reading is encouraged for all students!  



  The Basic Skills Mathematics classes focus on skills - addition, subtraction, multiplication and division of whole numbers, fractions, decimals, geometry, algebra and problem solving solutions.  Common Core Standards are used. The students' programs are designed using test results (PARCC AND MAP TEST RESULTS), teacher recommendations and class performance.

Students will be using the program on the chromebooks.  It is strongly encouraged to use this math program at home. provides students with math foundations and reinforcement of math skills.  It also provides test taking strategies to prepare for standardized testing.


If you need to contact me, please call 973 423-6495 Extension 6003, Voice Mail extension 2247.