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Mrs. Joanne Hurley


September 26, 2018:

Math:  Quick-Check 3-3 and 3-4

Grammar:  TEST on Monday, October 1.  GET NOTES SIGNED! (and begin studying!)

Health:  TEST on Chapter 1 on Tuesday, October 2.  GET NOTES SIGNED! (and review notes)

 (Assigned:  Monday, September 24:  Math add/sub study sheets for 7, 8, and 9 AND Reading Responses are due MONDAY, October 1)








Students and parents may access the Math website to find resources for the Math program used in class.  The textbook, glossary, games, and videos are available on line.   Go to:   Login for parents and students in Grades 3-5:  Login:  hawthorneparent35   Password:  Password1


 Voice mail messages may be left for Mrs. Hurley at Extension 2234.




Welcome to 4-Hurley/Martino! 

I am excited to begin a new school year, and I hope you are too!  We will be experiencing many new, interesting, and challenging concepts as the year progresses. 

Here are a few procedural items that will be helpful for you to know from the first day.

1. Our room gets VERY HOT!  Students are encouraged to bring water bottles.  If you send bottles that have been refrigerated or frozen, please provide paper towels or napkins for when the bottles sweat.

2.  Students will usually have an opporunity to eat a snack in the afternoon.  If you choose to send a snack, please remember our district nut-free policy.  Also remember that we will be working while eating, so keep the snack simple, neat, and HEALTHY!  (Fruits, vegetables, pretzels; finger food.  NO forks, spoons, cookies, chips.  Water only!)

3.  I hold students accountable for homework.  Please do not send in a note that says you forgot to put something in a backpack or sign a paper--it is your child's responsibility to be sure that these tasks are completed even when you say that you will take care of it!  (Parents are busy!  You cannot remember everything always!  So if your child follows you around with a pen and says "please sign it now", blame me!)  Let's work together to help our students develop responsible habits!

4.  I challenge students from the first day of each new school year to go through the entire year without missing a single homework assignment.  (THIS IS EXTREMELY DIFFICULT TO ACCOMPLISH.  See Numer 3, and please remember this a challenge to the students!)

5.  When parent signatures are required on papers, I ask that full signatures (NO INITIALS) are used.  I know this is a change from what you have done in the past, so your child should remind you of this new requirement until you remember to do it automatically.  (Hence them following you with the pen to "sign it now, please!")  I will explain my reasoning for this at Parent Orientation!

6.  Homework assignments are posted on the website; HOWEVER, this can change due to what we are able to accomplish in class, and I do not always have time to correct the website.  Therefore, it is very important that your child utilizes a homework pad to note the day's assignment.  Homework asignments are posted daily in the classroom on the homework board.

7.  Homework pads must be taken home daily.  Parents, please sign homework pads with your full signature each day.  (Eventually, parent signatures will not be required on homework pads.)

I am looking forward to a great school year and to meeting parents and guardians at Parent Orientation!

If you wish to communicate with me via email, I may be reached at

Mrs. Joanne Hurley


Our specials are as follows:

Monday-- Period 8 Gym (remember sneakers!

Tuesday--Period 8 Gym (remember sneakers!)

Wednesday--Period 8 Music

Thursday--Period 2 Computers; Period 8 Research & Exploration (aka Library)

Friday--Period 8 Art

Band students have a rotating schedule.  Please note the schedules that are sent home.

We eat lunch every day during Period 4 (10:55 am - 11:35 am--hence the snack when possible)