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Mr. Prezioso

Director of Chorus

Music Appreciation

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"Music reaches across all cultures..."

   - Richard Prezioso




Course Descriptions:

6th Grade General Music

This year in 6th grade we will focus on a timeline of popular music in America from 1900 to current. 
We will learn about Jazz, the beginning of Rock and Roll all the way through current Pop music.  Also, we will do one "internet based" research project (around March) where students will present a report on their favorite musician in front of the class.  We will be doing alot of fun "hands-on" activities including dancing, score reading, and instrumentation!

7th Grade General Music

In 7th Grade, we will be studying various music from around the World. 

We will begin with American music (Sousa, Gershwin) and then learn about India, Africa, South America, Jamaica, Europe as well as many other countries around the world.  We will learn about different instruments, artists, and musical styles.  We will also learn to play some instruments from around the world!  It is really important for students to understand and respect all cultures of the world.

There will be an internet research project in March. 

8th Grade General Music

This year in 8th Grade, we will focus on mostly Classical Music and Musical Careers. 

We will study the greatest composers in history such as Bach, Beethoven, Liszt, Chopin, Mozart, and many others.  We will all get to hear musical examples, and watch various musical performances!

By the end of the year, students will be able to read along with sheet music as well as hear what instruments are playing in a large orchestra!

We will also be learning about different Musical Careers, and maybe even creating some commercial jingles!


This year we will be learning various new ideas in Vocal Program at Lincoln Middle School.  We will learn different singing techniques, concert etiquette as well as some really fun songs!  The new focus this year will be on sight-singing and rhythmic patterns.  This will help develop your skills as a singer. 

Some chorus classes will even be performing at the concert venue's here at LMS.


The concert dates are listed below. 


Please make sure your child has a white shirt/blouse & black pants/skirt to wear on stage during the performances.



C O N C E R T       D A T E S :


WINTER CONCERT -  December 17, 2018  (6th & 8th Grade)

SPRING CONCERT -   MAY 20, 2019    (7th & 8th Grade)










THANK YOU to the members of the LMS Chorus/Parents who attend our concerts.

I'm glad that since I took over the chorus again 7 years ago, we have grown so much!

We keep growing bigger and bigger each year...


In 2012 the chorus only had 14 members and now we're OVER 200 strong!





















































































































































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