A wide variety of Class Activities and Clubs are available to the students at Hawthorne High School. Students are not required to become a member of any club, but are expected to participate for at least one full year after joining. Clubs are held before and/or after school, at the convenience of the Faculty Advisor and the membership of the club. Dependent entirely upon student interest and response, clubs are added, revised and deleted each year.
    Class of 2019 Advisors

    Mr. John DiLonardo

    Mrs. Marisa Fusaro 


    Class of 2020 Advisors

    Ms.  Allyson Gerdes

     Ms. Jaclyn Peene 


    Class of 2021 Advisors

    Ms. Rachel Ambrogio

    Mr. Michael Livingston


    Class of 2022 Advisors

    Mr. Ryan McMann

    Mr. Christopher Warner


     Art Club

    Ms. Danielle Russo 


    Italian Club


    Mrs. Marisa Fusaro




    Mr. Christopher Ward


    Spanish Club


    Mrs. Karina Torres-Rivas


    Ecology Club


    Mr. Scott Crimmel


    Drama Club


    Ms. Kim Griffin


    Creative Writing Club


    Mrs. Theresa DiGeronimo



    Broadcasting Club  (Semester 1) 


    Mr. Michael Livingston



    Jazz Club (Semester 2)


    Ms. Megan Alston


    The Clarion Club 


    Mr. Sean Van Winkle


    Math Club


    Mrs. Cheryl Pasquale


    Robotics Club


    Mr. Michael Davidson


    Digital Media Club

    Mr. John DiLonardo


    GSA Club 

    Ms. Hayley Wright