Ms. Sandra Newman M.A., L.D.T/C

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Degrees and Certifications:

Ms. Sandra Newman M.A., L.D.T/C

Welcome! I wish to introduce myself to those parents and staff whom do not know me, and to those whom do not know about my background. I studied at Ohio University in special education, with a minor in music and art.  My master degree is from Teacher's College, Columbia University, where I earnedan M.A., and received a full scholarship for my academic education. While an undergraduate I was instrumental in developing a program for orthopedically handicapped children in Southeastern Ohio. This led me to be recognized on the state level for the activities I created and participated in. 

I initally found my passion for the field of special education after spending quite a bit of my life navigating the schools system as a student with a learning disability.  When I was 14 years old I befriended the assistant libarian in my school district in New York State, (she also had polio).  I worked as a volunteer under her guidance, and learned how to read.  She would show me that there was no such thing as a handicap, by climbing and cleaniing her gutters on her house, and working with her hands more than her feet, due to her paralysis.  I  not only learned how to read but developed an interest for reading, (before then struggled), and started on a campaign to better my skills academically so I could help others like myself. 

During my life I have worked in classrooms as a special education teacher, inclusion teachr, support, teacher, self-contained teacher, and a supervisor of special services of a private school in Bergen County. Right before joining the district I had a private practice for many years, where I consulted and assisted parents  (training them and their children) with  mutisensory instruction tutoring, executive functioning skills and my own organizational curriculum.  

It has been a pleasure to work and serve the students of Hawthorne for the last 10 plus years!