• Homework Information

    Daily homework consists of math (Envisions) and vocabulary work (Wordly Wise).  

    A weekly spelling list, along with three corresponding worksheets, will be provided every Friday. Students must complete the worksheets and hand them in by the following Thursday.  A spelling test will be given every Friday.

    Students are also expected to read their independent reading material for a minimum of 20 minutes each night.  This will increase to 30 minutes second marking period. Occasionally, I may assign a writing task to go with it.  Students will have to write in school about their independent reading, so it is important that they read carefully and Post-it as assigned.

    Also, a short text or poem will be provided for students to practice reading aloud each week. The reason for this is twofold. It will help them learn to read with more fluency and expression, and it will help them to notice how writer's use craft to make their writing better.

    Advance notice and study guides will be provided for tests, and students will be expected to study/prepare accordingly.

    Assignments in Writer's Notebooks will be sent home based on what we are currently doing in class (not every night).

    Daily homework assignments can be found under the "Tonight's Homework" tab.

    PLEASE NOTE:  Homework is checked each morning, and missed assignments are recorded.  Homework counts toward final marking period grades.


    Links will be posted as necessary.