• 1. After downloading the Hawthorne Public Schools App, top to open it. 
    The first time you open the Hawthorne Public Schools Mobile App, you will be lead through a simple app set up.
    2. Select the                   Choose from the list
    option on the
    "Welcome!" screen.    
    3. Select the                   categories from
    which you would
    like to receive
    information and tap
     4. Tap Finish to complete initial setup.
         Welcome !    Select from List    Your Done
    Note: The options you select above can be changed from the Settings menu within the Calendar and News sections of the HPS Mobile App. For more information Calendar settings click here, and for news settings click here.  
    5. From the app's main screen, swipe left to the second screen of the app and tap Realtime Parent Portal to access your Hawthorne Public Schools mobile app parent portal.
    6. Enter your Hawthorne Public Schools Mobile App username and password. The username and password information is currently only needed for Middle School and High School parents and students to access the portal on their smartphone. Once you have successfully logged into the Hawthorne Public Schools Mobile App parent account, we highly recommend changing your password to a unique password. One recommendation would be to make it the same as the computer version of the Realtime Parent Portal.  To change the password, tap on the icon with your name and on the next screen, tap Change Password