• Enrichment Education 

    PATH Program


    PATH ( Program for the Academically Talented of Hawthorne) is a district-wide program designed to meet the highly individualized needs of academically gifted in third through fifth grade students.

    The Path classes are located in the students’ home schools. Grade three meets for one period, grade four and five meets for two periods each week.

    PATH is primarily process-oriented, that is, focused on the development of skills and thinking processes rather than on a specific body of content. It is not possible, however, to divorce process from content. Children need a content base upon which to perform various thinking skills and then to create a product resulting from their study and thought.

    Because the processes are of primary importance, any content area may be utilized. This makes it possible to design curriculum around individual interests, to a large extent, as a part of the regular Board of Education approved curriculum.

    This curriculum content is not found in a classroom text but requires research on the part of the teacher/facilitators. Curriculum materials and resources are selected for their applicability to the development of the program’s objectives, tailored for individuals or small groups. In every case, it is the potential for development of the process skills- the thinking- that dictates the curriculum.



    The Network


    The Network program is an enrichment program for grades six through twelve which strives to challenge students in a variety of areas.It allows them to take advantage of creative and academic opportunities that extend far beyond the classroom. It strengths lie in both the self-nomination component and the non-pullout format.Students select programs based upon interest and time available.Activities demand varying amounts of preparation, ranging from two periods a week to six months.


     All students are encouraged to meet for creative problem solving activities, group discussion and the pursuits of individual interests.They are allowed to select from the various opportunities provide.Freedom of selection encourages the students to become more responsible for them to increase their initiative.Opportunities exist for the students to expand their horizons, to understand their potential, and to explore intellectual freedom.







    Grades 6-12:

    Model Congress

    Mini Model Congress

    Stock Market Game

    County Competitions-

    Quiz Bowls, Math & Science Competitions, Geography Bee

    Performing Arts Opportunities

    Peer Teaching

    Field Experiences

    Tales of Poe

    Technology Day

    Youth in Government

    Battle of the Books

    New Jersey Math League

    SAT for Seventh Graders

    Encore Performance Series

    Cardiac Classroom

    Voice of Democracy/Patriot’s Pen