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    Please check this site often for the latest news on keeping your children healthy and safe. You will find information on school health policies and be able to access the forms needed for school. You can also find information about health conditions that may affect your family.

    There is a school nurse assigned to each building. The nurses are responsible for attending to the health needs and complex medical concerns of our students. Our goal is to reduce health related barriers to learning.

    We strive to create a healthy and safe learning environment for all students.


Name Position School Phone # Email Website
Anne Hanrahan School Nurse Jefferson 973-423-6480 Ext. 2628 ahanrahan@hawthorne.k12.nj.us
Joy Segreto School Nurse Hawthorne High School 973-423-6415 Ext. 2607 jsegreto@hawthorne.k12.nj.us
Margaret Tamburro School Nurse Roosevelt 973-423-6485 Ext. 2621 mtamburro@hawthorne.k12.nj.us
Karen Trojanowski School Nurse Washington 973-423-6495 Ext. 2633 ktrojanowski@hawthorne.k12.nj.us
Patricia Devries School Nurse Lincoln Middle School 973-423-6460 Ext. 2616 pdevries@hawthorne.k12.nj.us