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Welcome back to what is sure to be another exciting school year for the Hawthorne school district. Throughout the summer months staff members have been working busily to revise and update over 60 curriculum maps and place them on ATLAS, our web-based curriculum mapping program.  Each of these documents is aligned to the  newly revised New Jersey Student Learning Standards and incorporates differentiated instructional practices as well as technology and 21st century learning strategies.  In September, parents will be able to preview aspects of these new items, as well as previously existing documents, via our district Curriculum tab at http://www.hawthorne.k12.nj.us/domain/15   

In addition to the new curriculum developments, each of the different schools have been preparing for new programs and activities to explore throughout the year.  Please continue to visit this page for updated information, links and resources for the schools within the district throughout the year.

    The Elementary Schools

    This year, our K-2 teachers will implement the Reader’s Workshop program in September.  This balanced literacy approach provides students with direct instruction through mini lessons, appropriately tiered guided reading groups, a choice of leveled independent reading materials, and center activities that encourage the application of reading strategies, phonics, and spelling, along with opportunities to write about reading.  Similarly, our third, fourth and fifth grade students will begin Writer’s Workshop this year as well.  Like its reading counterpart, the writing program incorporates lessons on strategies for writing a variety of fiction and non-fiction selections by using mentor texts as models for good writing. The workshop model allows for increased student choice, individual and small group conferencing and exposure to multiple genres of writing while infusing grammar instruction throughout the year. 

    Lincoln Middle School
    This year, Lincoln Middle School has created a new schedule for students and staff alike.  Not only does this schedule include teaming in both the sixth and seventh grades, it also moves from an eight period day to a seven period day.  This change has made each instructional period 51 minutes long, extending the instructional time to allow for more a more authentic application of material in the classroom.  Similiarly, the reading and English classes will be combined into one course, allowing for greater integration of skills.  The language arts classes at all grade levels will also introduce several new novels that will be used for literature circles and independent reading selections throughout the year.  Additionally,  the middle school math department has selected EnVisions Math as its new program. EnVisions is not only aligned with the most current student learning standards, but is a continuation of the elementary mathematics curriculum.  To supplement the program, ALL middle school students will receive an accountfor IXL mathematics, which will enable students to practice targeted skills independently, as well as under the teacher's guidance.
  • Hawthorne High School

    Hawthorne High School continues to expand the courses that it offers, emphasizing STEM with its new Computational Thinking course that is offered to all ninth grade students this year.  The class blends mathematics with concepts from computer technology and focuses on how they apply to our ever-changing technological world.  Other academic additions nclude the newly updated SAT Mathematics and SAT English semester courses that have been adjusted to accomodate the test changes that were put into effect in the Spring of 2016.  The high school also has increased the lab time that it offers for all of its Advanced Placement science courses, including Chemistry, Environmental Science, Physics and Biology to again allow for a more authentic learning experience for our students.